Eventers Challenge Success

Senior School
20 Jan 23

Last weekend, the SVS Equestrian team travelled to Coombelands to take part in some Arena Eventing.

Arena Eventing is a mixture of Show Jumping and Cross Country. It is normally a course made up of 12 to 16 jumps and includes a vast network of left and right turns, which need to be firstly remembered and then secondly navigated with your pony. This course is topped off by being against the clock, but the optimum time is not revealed so you just have to try and keep a fast regular canter around the whole course. Arena Eventing is a very popular winter discipline for those that do one-day events and cross country in the summer.

This event saw a great double clear from Harriet Plummer (Second Form) in the 75-centimetre, resulting in her coming seventh in a class of 33.

George Stanley (Third Form) and Charles Stanley (Lower Sixth) arrived to join Harriet in the 85-centimetre and they performed brilliantly with all three going double clear and coming second as a team. George also picked up ninth individually out of a very strong class of 49. This achievement also qualifies the 85-centimetre team for Hickstead Championships in May half term so a super day was had by all.

Well done to all of you, particularly Charles who stepped in at the last moment to make up the 85-centimetre team and joined us for his first SVS competition, we look forward to having you as part of the team in future competitions.