Electric Start!

Senior School
30 Sep 21

How lovely it is to be back in the laboratory – nothing quite beats being back at School and seeing our children excelling, but most of all, having fun whilst doing so!
The topic in Year 3 and Year 6 this half term is Light. Whilst our newest members in Prep were asking themselves ‘What is light?’, our Year 6 pupils have been solving a convincing crime scene, created by Mr Strydom! Did you know that the word ‘gullible’ has been removed from the Oxford dictionary? Mr Strydom will have to work twice as hard from now on if he wants the children to believe another thing he says – keep using what you have learnt to eliminate a suspect each week, Year 6.

In Year 4, the children have been learning about how electricity is generated and exploring circuits and components. Listening to noisy buzzers can be a little harsh on the ear, but to our children, it is the sound of sweet success!

‘So much universe, and so little time!’ – Terry Pratchett

Our Year 5 children will agree with Terry; space is a brain-aching topic, filled with enormous numbers and simply awesome facts. This week, they have been set the task to make their own orrery. We can’t wait to see your completed projects!