Eco Dreams

Prep School
24 Feb 23

Children in Year 3 have created Hundertwasser Eco Dream Zines in Art. A zine (pronounced zeen) is a small, folded booklet, like a mini magazine based on one particular subject. The subject of Year 3’s zines was nature and the environment and they created pages of visual dreams that encouraged protecting the planet and being eco-aware. Using inspiration from the artist and architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser, a lover of nature and devoted environmentalist, they illustrated their zines using collage, colour and creativity.

Hundertwasser had a lively imagination and his dreamlike artworks combined spirals, organic forms, wavy lines, bright colours and strong individualism. He wanted humans to live in harmony with nature, where there were no straight lines. He disliked straight lines because he felt they curbed creativity. Year 3 embraced the spirit of Hundertwasser, along with his wavy lines and lollipop trees in their zines. Paying tribute to Hundertwasser’s dreams, they creatively captured self-expression and saved the world with wise words and imaginative imagery.