Dressing Up

Senior School
19 Nov 21

As part of their Design and Technology project, Year 6 had the enlightening experience of having a visitor from Paramo talk to them about the function and purpose of outdoor clothing. They were introduced to a variety of amazing fabrics that almost defy science in their ability to insulate, cool, breathe, move and embrace performance technology.

Words like directionality (the ability of the fabric or the fabric system to move liquid water to where you want it), circularity (the life cycle of a piece of clothing from start to finish) and environmental and ethical principles dominated the discussion.

Year 6 were given the hands-on experience of dressing up in some Paramo jackets, gilets and base layers and they delighted in analysing the designs; finding functional hidden pockets, double zips for vents and wire hood peaks. To further their understanding of function and form, Year 6 analysed examples of Paramo clothing, drawing labelled diagrams to identify innovative and technical features which will inform and inspire their own outdoor clothing designs in future lessons.