Drama Delights

Senior School
23 Apr 21

This term is going to be a very exciting one for the Drama department!

In Year 6, we have started rehearsals for their summer show Cinderella and Rockerfella. A modern, pantomime-style reworking of the classic tale with all the traditional characters: downtrodden Cinderella, Rockerfella (formerly known as Prince Charming), Buttons, the Ugly Sisters and the Fairy Godmother, together with a cacophony of characters, from music managers and paparazzi to good and bad fairies – all placed in a world of fame and celebrity. Everyone is very excited about putting on this dazzling show!

In Years 2 to 5, the children have begun preparations for their speaking, listening and performance LAMDA exams in May and June; a total of 135 individual exams, no less! It really does not feel like we have only been back for three days. Good luck, everyone; break a leg!