Design and Technology Inclusivity

Senior School
17 Mar 22

This term in Design and Technology, the Second Form pupils have been working on an exciting inclusive design project. Pupils have been developing their understanding of what inclusive design means and exploring the importance of designing products that are inclusive.

Pupils undertook an empathetic modelling task, where they simulated a range of different users, including those with arthritis and blindness, to gain an understanding of their specific needs. Following a range of research activities, pupils were then tasked with redesigning an everyday handheld object to be inclusive and ergonomic so that it aids a specific user group of their choice.

Using a range of mediums including, hand sketching, CAD and digital drawing, pupils created innovative and creative design ideas to meet their design brief. Pupils analysed their design ideas and developed them further to ensure they were fully meeting their user’s needs, before creating low fidelity models using plasticine and styrofoam, demonstrating skill with a range of tools. It is fantastic to see pupils utilising their models, made in only one lesson, to test their designs to allow for future further refinement. Miss Latter was very impressed with the pupils’ outcomes. Well done Second Form Design Technologists!