CREST Projects 2021

Senior School
18 Jun 21

It has been fantastic to see a number of our Fifth Form students return to School, for two afternoons each week, to undertake a Silver CREST project.

This award is given to students who demonstrate independent research and practical work over a minimum of 30 hours, producing a report that follows the Scientific Method.

All of the participants have chosen excellent project themes, including wind turbines, telescopes, sunscreens, fertilisers and vitamin C. This week, there has also been three groups working on topics such as engineering, investigating crash barriers, shin pads and drone delivery systems.

As always, the Design and Technology department was happy to welcome the students, so that they could build their models, prior to testing in the Physics department next week.

It is fantastic to watch the students make such great progress in just two weeks. Moreover, it is a pleasure to see them enjoying real-life scientific investigations, moving them beyond the GCSE curriculum and preparing them for A Level Science next year. Well done to you all on your endeavour and dedication to your projects.