Constance Linsley – A Level Art

Senior School
6 May 22

Constance Linsley (Lower Sixth) has written a piece reflecting on her A Level Photography project. Constance describes the artists that she has been inspired by and how she challenges herself to try new techniques:

‘The theme for my project is surrealism in spaces. I like to incorporate statues and other figures into dream-like scenarios.

During my A Level Art coursework, I would say that there are four artists who have inspired me the most: Nikos Engonopoulos, Giorgio de Chirico, Olga Soulachaki and Almendra Bertoni. Looking at all of my main development pieces, they have definitely played an important role in my creations.

I would say my favourite thing to do in Art is paint. I have experimented with multiple mediums and techniques throughout my A Level coursework so far, but I would definitely say I enjoy painting the most. I specifically love painting with bold patterns and colours. However, I do like to challenge myself as much as possible when it comes to trying new techniques. At the moment I am etching on metal plates which is new to me.

I think that in my pieces I am trying to capture mysterious fantasies and dreams. When people look at my artwork, I hope they feel calm but are questioning what they are looking at. There is never a way to fully explain a dream and I think this is the same with my work.

Constance Linsley (Connie), Lower Sixth