Challenge in PE

Senior School
8 Nov 19

This term’s PE focuses heavily on Swimming and Gymnastics.  Each year group is split into two groups and they spend half a term doing each sport.  However, at the beginning of the 2018 academic year we introduced skills tests.  The four tests of one minute ski bounces, one minute skipping, one minute wall catch and three minute shuttle runs are completed in the first lessons of the gymnastic cycle.

These tests were introduced because they help to develop key PE skills of co-ordination, stamina, strength, balance and control, core stability and flexibility. It is also a way of introducing friendly competition amongst peers and, more importantly, with themselves, as they will complete these tests again in the Lent Term and throughout each academic year; this helps to develop perseverance, determination, motivation and concentration.

The results are recorded and a top five leader board will be displayed for each year group in the Bates Hall.

Mr Davey

Head of PE