CCF Shooting Day

Senior School
21 May 21

On Sunday, our Shooting team embarked on its first outing of the year at Hythe Ranges, for a day run by the Cadet Training Team. Sgt Thomas Llewellyn (Lower Sixth) reports on the day:

“We had an early start, meeting at School for 6.30am, before making our way to the Ranges. On arrival, we had the obligatory safety brief and then started shooting. The day was split into two sections: the 25-metre grouping range and the electronic target range (ETR). The team members initially shot the grouping range to get their sights zeroed. This involved repetitive five-round groupings with sight adjustments between them. Some of the best groupings were under 20mm!

After this range had been completed and with weapons zeroed, the team made its way to the ETR. This range has targets that pop up for certain time intervals at different distances to be shot at. The team was given 30 rounds to fire downrange at the 100m and 200m targets, where every shot that landed on the target secured a point. Considering this was our first shoot in a while, there were some very impressive scores. The HPS (Highest Possible Score) was 30 and we saw scores of 28 by Sgt Llewellyn, Cpl Worrell (Lower Sixth) with 27 and WOII. Arthur (Lower Sixth) with 26.

After a spot of lunch, we packed up and headed back to School for a rifle cleaning session, before heading home. The team greatly enjoyed the day, and all are thankful to the Cadet Training Team for organising the event.”