CCF Senior NCOs

Senior School
26 Mar 21

Tradition is important in the CCF and the pace stick is the symbol of the Senior Cadet. The outgoing Senior Cadet – RSM Marsh (Upper Sixth) is seen here passing the symbol and the role onto his successor CPO Loy (Lower Sixth).

It is also the time when the new Senior NCOs are announced and, this year, we are pleased to announce the following appointments (all Lower Sixth):

Head of Corps: CPO A Loy

Head of Navy: CPO J Forknall

Head of Army: WOI J McInulty

2i/c Army: WOII O Vas

Head of Army Juniors: CSM R Aylett and CSM J DeLucy

Head of RAF: FS Y Davis

2i/c RAF: Sgt S Chapman

Head of RAF Juniors: Sgt T Llewellyn

Head of Shooting: WOII T Arthur

Well done to you all.