CCF Army Promotion 2020

Senior School
8 Jan 21

Having completed the first term in the CCF Army section as part of the GCSE option choices, there was an opportunity to promote ten Fourth Form cadets as the first step in their progress towards becoming an NCO.

Last term, they have studied weapon handling, patrolling, section attacks, ambushes and how to prepare and give orders as part of the completing the Advanced Army Proficiency Certificate for Cadet Forces.

Following successful assessments in each of these areas and with consistently strong effort throughout the term, Mr Sansom and Major Ale were delighted to promote the following to Lance Corporal:

• Oliver Aylett

• Callum Baker

• Olivia Chadwick

• Sophie Edwards

• Olivia Farrell

• George Hedger

• Sam Laird

• Oscar MacGregor

• Harry Mundell

• Jack Sheldon

Well done to these cadets on a fine start to their time in the CCF Army Section!