Cave Art Rocks!

Senior School
26 Sep 19

Year 5 has come face-to-face with art from the past. Art of the earliest kind! Art created more than 10,000 years ago! Art painted on the walls and ceilings of caves! Art that has inspired Year 5 to create cave and rock art masterpieces that celebrate the style of the amazing, ancient artists of the past. 

Using pencils instead of charcoal, oil pastels instead of paints made from blood, ochre and plants and crumpled paper instead of a rough rock canvas, the modern-day Year 5 artists created inspired artworks. Imagery ranged from figures, to animals and symbols as the children made decisions about composition and blending colours to create specific textural effects. Ancient cave and rock artists painted to tell stories and give messages about religion and life while Year 5’s reasons for creating art, were based on extending their historical knowledge and developing an understanding of the simplicity of early animal art. Although from past to present there are many differences, cave art continues to rock!