Capturing Christmas

Senior School
11 Dec 20

The Christmas spirit was captured last Friday during Curiosity Day. The children became festive imagineers, learning new skills and applying them with imagination and creativity. Curiosity was piqued by the origins of Christmas cards and how the tradition has evolved over time to e-cards and text messages. However, a hand made card is still wonderful to receive, especially if it is a pop-up card! Children captured the technique of a basic box pop-up with glittering success and marvellous, meaningful Christmas cards were created.

What does Santa’s sleigh really look like? Making use of egg boxes to create a sleigh, complete with eight reindeer, ensured that Santa had no shortage of transport. Curiously, the enduring popularity of the Christmas song Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer has led to Rudolph often joining the list, bringing the number of Santa Claus’ reindeer up to nine. Moreover, Santa now has a choice of futuristic sleigh designs to make present delivery more modern. Originality and ingenuity abounded in heated seats, turbochargers, environmentally friendly fuels and automatic present dropping technology.

Year 6 became curious about finance and they were learning how to budget for a Christmas extravaganza of their choosing. Many of their budget baubles popped with broken boilers and unexpected expenses; realities of real-life that, fortunately, didn’t dampen their Christmas financial spirit and their dazzling presentations to their peers.

Christmas was captured by Years 3 to 6 with creative goodwill and curiosity, along with the merriment of learning new skills.