Calling the Community

Senior School
5 Feb 21

Do you want to take part in the largest exhibition ever staged? Do you want to be part of a ‘magical patchwork of creativity’ and ‘unleash your national flair’? The East of England’s contemporary visual arts organisation Firstsite has launched an exciting new initiative to encourage the creation of art!

With galleries and museums closed, they are asking us to use our windows, balconies, gardens and roofs to celebrate the creativity and resolve of the nation.

The Great Big Art Exhibition is open to anyone who is interested in creating some art. All you need to do is produce an artwork, put it on display, and then share it on social media. Every two weeks, a new theme will be suggested through Firstsite to keep the exhibition rotating.

The Great Big Art Exhibition kicked off last week with its first theme: animals. When you sign up, you will receive a free downloadable packet of inspirational ideas for artworks.

So, let us stretch and challenge our creativity, SVPS community, by exhibiting in The Great Big Art Exhibition!

The Great Big Art Exhibition Gallery – Firstsite

The Great Big Art Exhibition kicks off across the UK with help from artist Antony Gormley (

Remember to let us know if you take part by emailing us at