‘Brooching’ the Subject

Senior School
28 Feb 20

Year 4 have been industrious and innovative while ‘brooching’ the subject of Art and Design and Technology. They transformed their hand made felt into brooches – wearable art that is both functional and beautiful.  Having been inspired by the Anglo-Saxons and their love of brooches to clasp their cloaks, Year 4 have designed and stitched their own fabulous felted jewellery. They have approached the subject of sewing with enthusiasm and are stitching, tying knots and attaching buttons brilliantly! Furthermore, they have been ‘brooching’ the subject of embossing; the process of creating raised relief images against a background. Using card, tissue paper and tinfoil, Year 4 made brooches of a different kind. Some brooches became perfect pendants when attached to ribbon, a modern move forward and a statement that imagination and innovation are a subject that is often ‘brooched’ in the Art Room.