Boarders’ Spanish Evening

Senior School
20 Nov 19

On November 15th boarders were treated to an evening of Spanish gastronomy and the opportunity to learn about the flavours and history of Spanish food.  Pupils discovered that traditional Spanish cuisine is based on the ingredients available locally or the crops grown regionally.  As a result cooking differs so much from region to region but the importance of olive oil and garlic is common throughout Spanish recipes.  The boarders enjoyed tortilla, made from eggs, similar to an omelette.  Also on the menu were croquettes, small breadcrumbed, fried rolls.  These are very popular in Spain and can contain meat, ham, cheese or vegetables.  A fantastic paella showcased Spanish chorizo, a sausage made with paprika, and seafood which is plentiful and eaten regularly in Spain.  Patatas bravas, potatoes served in a spicy sauce, were also part of the Spanish meal.  The taste experience concluded with Churros and Crema Catalana.  As the Spanish say, “Buen provecho!” to wish everyone a good meal.  One thing is for sure, food in Spain is full of flavour and the Spanish love their food dearly.