Birling Gap & Brighton Boarding Trip

Senior School
17 Jan 20

Last Sunday, Mr James, Miss Feilen and seven Sutton girls travelled to Birling Gap and Brighton for what was a great boarding trip.

At Birling Gap, the sea was wild, the wind fierce and the tide high. This famous location and the woolly weather sparked the enthusiasm and spirit within the girls, as they giggled with delight as they ventured down the platform onto the beach itself. The sea-foam had formed into small dunes, which were blasted by the wind, and blown up over the magnificent cliffs. The National Trust visitors’ centre showed footage of previous cliff collapses and images of long destroyed houses, and overall provided a great stop on the way to shopping and ice-skating at Brighton.

Brighton, an iconic holiday destination for many, provided lots of quirky shops in the lanes and, of course, the world famous pier was a highlight.

There are many Boarder trips, and we actively encourage all the students who board at SVS to take up these incredible opportunities.