Auf Wiedersehen and Adios!

Senior School
13 Dec 19

As we approach the end of another busy term, it is, sadly, time to say goodbye to some of our overseas students.  Charlotte, Pablo, Ana and Alfredo will all return to their home countries of Germany and Spain having spent a term with us at SVS.  So, what did they enjoy most about their time in England?

What did you like best about your time in England?

Alfredo: Trying new things, such as food and sport which are not typical in my country.

Ana: The people because they were so kind to me.

Pablo: It has been easy for me to make new friends and they were kind to me from the very beginning.

Charlotte: I really liked the lessons because the teachers motivated us and encouraged us to work hard.

Did you enjoy boarding?

Alfredo: Yes, because apart from prep, we were always doing something fun.

Ana: Yes, because it was a new experience for me.  There are no boarding schools in Spain.

Pablo: Yes, I loved being a boarder because I was able to enjoy different activities and I was able to get to know England a little by going on trips.

Charlotte:  I loved being around people all of the time.  I also enjoyed going to the gym and using the sports facilities in the evening. 

What did you find most difficult?

Alfredo: The language and not being with my family and friends.

Ana: I think some of the subjects like History.

Pablo: I didn’t know much English at the beginning, but after just three weeks, I had improved my spoken English a lot!

Charlotte:  Being in an English-speaking environment all the time.

What did you miss most about Spain or Germany?

Alfredo: My family and friends.

Ana: My family and friends.

Pablo: My family, especially my parents.

Charlotte: My friends and my family, but as there were a lot of new things going on, there wasn’t much time to think about them.

Would you like to come back one day?

Alfredo: Yes, I had a good time and I would love to come back.

Ana: Yes, I would like to stay the whole year, but my parents would like me to go back to Spain now.

Pablo: I will try to return to SVS next year because it is an experience I have to repeat!

Charlotte: Yes, definitely.

What is your final message to SVS?

Alfredo: Thank you for making me feel good this term and helping me when I needed it.

Ana: Thank you so much for this experience.  I won’t forget you.  Keep in touch!

Pablo: Keep doing everything just as you are as I am sure more and more children from other countries will come to this school.

Charlotte: I really enjoyed the time here and I’ve made some great friends, so I am very grateful for the experience.  Thank you!

Ms J Manning

Head of EAL