Art at Home

Senior School
9 Apr 20

Before Easter, Year 4 were appreciating the art of Andy Goldsworthy. He is a naturalist so all of his art is derived from, or related to, nature. Using natural materials like sticks, leaves, mud, flowers and ice, Goldsworthy creates land art that becomes part of nature. His creations are transient and temporary; like any other part of nature, they are destined to change over time and will eventually disappear. Therefore, taking photographs is a means to capture, exhibit and share his artworks. Barney B (Year 4) has been inspired by Goldsworthy and created his own fantastic land art, titled ‘Earthquake’.

Barney explains how his creativity started:

“My brother Archie dug up some soil to make a vegetable patch, and I tried to join the pieces of soil together, but they kept cracking. This inspired me to create an earthquake. It was a warm day and we were all outside and I had been looking at Andy Goldsworthy and his artwork after learning about it at School. He inspired me to go outside and make some art with natural materials, including stones and soil.’

Barney is following in the footsteps of Andy Goldsworthy, by becoming quite the naturalist; embracing the outdoors and appreciating nature by creating amazing art, whilst also looking after his chickens.