A Stitch in Time

Senior School
23 Oct 20

The phrase a ‘stitch in time saves nine’ is an old saying which is believed to have had its origins in sewing. The idea being that if you mend a small tear with one stitch, it will prevent it from becoming a bigger tear which might need more stitches – nine, in fact – to repair. Simply speaking, it means that it’s better to solve a problem straight away, rather than wait until it becomes a bigger issue which may require more effort.

Year 4 have been solving design problems in Design Technology. How will they make a bag for their Roman coasters? What materials will they use? How will they ‘stick‘ the sides of the bag together? Small issues that have been solved with some timely stitches – running stitches to be precise. Starting with the eye of a needle, threading embroidery cotton, tying knots and a piece of Binca fabric, the children learnt to sew. Superbly, their patient efforts and tenacity paid off, as they sewed many more than nine stitches!