A roarsome visit to the Big Cat Sanctuary

Prep School
20 Mar 23

This week Year 2 visited The Big Cat Sanctuary to learn about the habitats of the cats and how the sanctuary care for them. The children enjoyed an interactive workshop where they learnt how cats camouflage themselves, the difference in paw prints and why some cats have long tails and others have short tails. The children had the opportunity to look and feel the claw and teeth punctures on the big cats’ toy balls.

Year 2 were lucky enough to experience the cats being active due to the arrival of two new Asiatic lions, Sahee and Sonika, who have been at the sanctuary for just two weeks. The two new lions were making their presence knows to the rest of the cats with their loud roars, marking their territory. A keeper toured the children around the sanctuary where they saw a wide range of cats and learnt a variety of facts about them. A fun, interactive day out to build upon their knowledge of habitats and extend their understanding about our planet Earth.