Message from Head Girl – 1st May 2020

Senior School
1 May 20

This week, our Head Girl, Lydia A (Year 6), gives us an update of her week, including learning the Cat’s Cradle. 

” Hi everybody, hope you’ve all had a good week of online school. I thought it was tiring but fun!
This week, my mum suggested that I learn the Cats Cradle. She dug deep into her memory to try and remember all the patterns. Mum tried her best but we did have to look up one! 
All you need is a piece of string and two people. You make different patterns with the string and pass it between the two of you.
It’s lots of fun once you have learnt how to do it so maybe you could give it a go?

This is a link to help you
I hope you have a great week.