Senior School Staff List

Senior Management Team

Name Primary role Other Academic Responsibilities Other Responsibilities
J A Thomas MA [Cantab] MA, NPQH Headmaster    
J J Farrell MA [Cantab], MEd Senior Deputy Head History Games
Mrs R K Ball BA  Academic Deputy Head English, Film Studies, Media Studies  
D R Sansom BSc Assistant Head Geography CCF Army Section, Games
Mrs S A Rose BEd Assistant Head English Designated Safeguarding Lead
S R Fowle Bursar    


Academic Staff

Name Primary role Other Academic Responsibilities Other Responsibilities
M J Braddick BSc Head of Hockey Teacher of Physical Education Out-Tutor Westminster, Games
Mrs C E Bridger BA Teacher of Mathematics   In-Tutor St Margaret’s, CCF Army Section

Dr A E Bromley PhD BA
(2014 W)

Teacher of English   Out-Tutor St Margaret's
Mrs K M Buckland BA Assistant Director of Drama   Tutor Holdgate
Miss L J Burden BA BSc Head of Psychology   In-Tutor Westminster, Head of Community Service, Head of PSHE
R H Carr BA Head of the Juniors Teacher of History Prep School Liaison
G A Davies BA Chaplain Teacher of Religious Studies Games, CCF Navy Section
Mrs S H de Castro BA Head of MFL   Housemistress Sutton
J D Downs MSc BA  Head of Geography   In-Tutor St Margaret’s

L Ellmers BA [Oxon] (2010 C)

Head of Sixth Form Head of Spanish  
A H Evans BA [Cantab]
(2013 C)
Teacher of Geography EPQ Co-ordinator Senior Tutor Clothworkers’, Games
B E Fewson BA  Director of Drama   Tutor Lambe's, Games
D A Frost BSc  Head of Learning Support    
Miss B M Giddings Teacher of PE and Games   In-Tutor Sutton
Mrs F M Gosden BA Teacher of English   Tutor the Juniors
Miss L H Gray BA Teacher of Religious Studies   Housemistress Founder's, Junior Leadership Co-ordinator, Master i/c Swimming
Miss M A Halleron BSc Head of Physics   Tutor Clothworkers', CCF Army Section
Miss P L Hallett BSc Head of Academic Physical Education    Tutor Founder's, Head of Tennis and Rounders
A P Hammersley BSc Teacher of Biology   Tutor Lambe’s, E-Safety Co-ordinator, CCF Navy Section
Mrs L B Harris BA Learning Support Teacher of English Tutor the Juniors
Mrs E A Head MA Learning Support Teacher of English Senior Tutor the Juniors
Mrs J Head BA Specialist Support Teacher    
S J Head Msci Head of Boarding Teacher of Chemistry Housemaster St Margaret's, Head of CCF Army Section 
Dr L A Henshaw PhD BSc Teacher of Physics Double Science Co-ordinator Tutor Founder's
Mrs H E Heurtevent BA DEUG Teacher of MFL   Senior Tutor Lambe’s
Dr S P Hiscocks BSc CChem FRSC CSciTeach MA Head of Chemistry   Tutor Clothworkers’
D W Holmes LRAM Head of Strings Teacher of Music Out-Tutor St Margaret’s
P J Horley PGdipRNCM BA ARCO ATCL ALCM  Director of Music   Head of Shooting, CCF Army Section
M D Howell BSc Director of Sport   Head of Rugby, Tutor Holdgate
Miss H R Jelfs BA  Head of Girls’ Cricket Teacher of Academic Physical Education Out-Tutor Westminster, Games
M A Jones BSc   Teacher of Geography   Housemaster Clothworkers', Head of Academic Scholars
S Kirk BSc Head of Design and Technology   Tutor Holdgate
Mrs C J Kitchen MSc BSc BEng Teacher of Mathematics   Out-Tutor Sutton, Timetabler and Academic Data Co-ordinator, Duke of Edinburgh Co-ordinator, CCF RAF Section
Miss K J Latter BSc (2016 F) Teacher of Design and Technology   Out-Tutor Sutton, Games
P A Lee-Browne MA [Cantab]  Head of English   Tutor Founder's
Mrs W M Loy MSci MSc Teacher of Physics   Tutor Founder's, Junior Science/STEM Co-ordinator
Miss K J McConnachie BSc Head of Netball Teacher of Academic Physical Education, ICT Housemistress Holdgate, Games 
Miss J A Manning BA PG Diploma Dyslexia and Literacy Head of EAL   Housemistress Beresford, Games 
M X Metcalfe BA Head of Business and Economics   Tutor Lambe's
G J Millbery BA Director of ICT Teacher of Academic CCF Commanding Officer of CCF, Assistant Duke of Edinburgh Co-ordinator, Data Compliance Officer
Mrs L A Mitchell-Nanson BSc Assistant Head of Mathematics   Tutor Clothworkers’
Miss E J Oliver BSc (2011 C) Teacher of Biology   Tutor the Juniors, Environment and Sustainability Co-ordinator, Head of CCF RAF Section
Mrs B W Palmer MA Teacher of ICT   Tutor Lambe’s, EVOLVE Co-ordinator
Miss K Peart-Price BA Teacher of Art Teacher of Design and Technology Tutor the Juniors
A J F Penfold BA Head of Religious Studies Teacher of ICT Tutor Holdgate, CCF, Master i/c Golf
R W J Plowden MA BA Teacher of History   Tutor Lambe’s
Mrs F H Porter MA BA Teacher of English   Tutor the Juniors, Community Engagement Co-ordinator, CCF RAF Section
Miss S Pritchard BA Teacher of Business Studies and Economics    
L W Rushforth BEng Teacher of Mathematics    
Miss E K Sagrott MSc (2013 F) Teacher of Geography Teacher of Academic CCF Tutor the Juniors, CCF Army Section, Games 
T B Sealy BA Teacher of Media Studies Teacher of English, Film Studies Housemaster Lambe’s, Games
Mrs A P Simpson MA Ed BSc  Learning Support    
Mrs A J Sunde BA Head of History   Tutor the Juniors
Mrs N R Sutton BA  Teacher of Art Teacher of Photography Tutor Founder's 
M J Thompson BA  Head of Art, Head of Photography    
Mrs Z Warner BSc Head of Biology   Senior Tutor Holdgate, Master i/c Equestrianism
G A Wellings BSc Head of Mathematics   Housemaster Westminster, Games
V J Wells Head of Boys' Cricket   Senior Tutor Founder's, Games
Mrs C Y Westlake BA Teacher of English Teacher of Drama Tutor the Juniors
C J Westlake BSc Teacher of Mathematics   In-Tutor Westminster, CCF RAF Section

Mrs H M Wood MSc BSc
(1992 V)

Teacher of Chemistry   Tutor Founder's, Head of CCF Navy Section
Miss C E Young BA Teacher of ICT   In-Tutor Sutton
J M Zane MA BA Head of Media Studies   Tutor Clothworkers’, Master i/c Badminton


Visiting Staff

Name Discipline
F Bowles MMus BMus (Hons) Cello
D Brazier BMus Clarinet, Saxophone
Miss A Gent Flute
T Glanfield Jazz Piano
Mrs A Holmes BA Piano, Vocal Studies
A Keeping ARAM, LRAM Guitar
G Mann BMus Brass, Piano
D Moulton BMus  Singing
Mrs C Mount GRSM, LRAM, DipRAM Piano
J Selby BA Drums


Administrative and Teaching Support Staff

Headmaster's Office

Name Role
Mrs S Bishop Headmaster's PA
W P Radford Director of External Relations
Mrs V C Evenden Development Assistant
Mrs K H Webster Admissions Officer
Mrs D L Child Admissions Assistant  
Miss P Goodridge Director of Marketing and SVPS Admissions


Bursar's Office and Reception

Name Role
Mrs D J Van Leeuwen Assistant Bursar
Mrs J E Vicary Estates Bursar
Mrs A S Carr Bursar's PA 
Mrs J Holderness Fees Administrator
C M Kennison Administration Assistant
Mrs C L Finley Sports Facilities Administrator/Lettings
Mrs W Rogers School Secretary
Mrs N A Edwards School Secretary


Support Staff

Name Role
Mrs J Watson Administration Assistant
Mrs E Eastwood Examinations Officer
Mrs C Lawrence Assistant Examinations Officer
Mrs M A Horley Database Manager
C Worcester Network Manager
J Barker Network Technician
S Martin Network Technician
Mrs D Black Assistant Librarian
A Dawling Conditioning Coach, Tutor Clothworkers'
Mrs A McDermott School Nurse
J R Devine Catering Manager
Major P Ale CCF Adjutant
B Black Head Gardener
I F Avery Head Groundsman
D Gilkes Head of Maintenance
Mrs E Cheeseman  Biology Technician
Mrs E Robinson Biology Technician
S Betts Physics Technician
Mrs C Swainston Chemistry Technician
J T Allen Art Technician
C Ball Design and Technology Technician
J L Kirk Design and Technology Technician
Mrs C Allman School Supervisor       
J G Alexander Games, Out-Tutor the Juniors
J P Laraman Games, Tutor the Juniors
Miss S Morgan Psychology Intern, Tutor Holdgate


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