Our vision is to create an environment where discipline and endeavour underpins excellence in sports performance. Where all have opportunities to engage in sport and forge a lifelong love of health and physical activity.

Sutton Valence School sports day in which students begin an athletic sprint





Sport and physical activity play a central role at Sutton Valence School. We believe sport develops pupils' confidence and resilience through physical, technical and mental stimulus, and exposure to teamwork and leadership opportunities. It is important that all students find an area or niche that they can explore and, more importantly, enjoy in the hope that this will result in a lifelong approach to sport and physical activity.

All students are encouraged to try new sports or activities and to challenge themselves. It is the fear of the unknown that can sometimes bring out the best in our young performers and we strongly encourage our students to strive for excellence in whatever field they wish to pursue.

The Sutton Valence Sport Pursuit of Excellence Pyramid has been specifically designed to allow each individual student to assess his or her performance in their chosen area of sport or physical activity. Each student is unique and, whilst some students may be excellent players or performers, we believe a holistic approach to sport and physical activity is extremely important to develop the whole individual. It is, therefore, vitally important for students to recognise their own personal excellence, whether this be playing with pride, analysing their own performance to improve, or evaluating and coaching their peers.  The Pursuit of Excellence Pyramid allows our students to identify what excellence looks like whilst understanding that excellence is not always about being the best player or performer. Sport and physical activity are about more than being the strongest. They have a great many components and marginal gains in a number of key facets can lead to personal excellence being recognised and strived for.

Many of our pupils excel at sport and we regularly produce county and national standard athletes. We are very proud of the success of our students, and it exemplifies the centre of sporting excellence that we have created at Sutton Valence. Our outstanding facilities, along with our unique blend of first-class coaching, enable us to offer an environment that is regularly used by Harlequins Rugby, Saracens Rugby, Kent Cricket, and Kent Hockey to name but a few first-class sporting establishments.

"Sport and physical activity provides opportunities to develop the vital life skills of communication, teamwork, leadership, respect, discipline,  and resilience.  Whether it be playing sport in an arena or working hard to improve your personal fitness, sport and physical activity provides us with the platform upon which we can better ourselves both physically and as people. Sport and physical activity mirrors life. The more you put in, the more you get out.”

Mark Howell, Director of Sport and Head of Rugby

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