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Our games programme gives the students an opportunity to play sport and participate in physical activity.  We believe sport develops pupils' confidence and resilience through physical, technical and mental stimulus and exposure to teamwork and leadership opportunities.  It is important all students find an area or niche that they can explore and most importantly enjoy in the hope that this will result in a lifelong approach to sport and physical activity.

In the First to Fifth Forms pupils follow the major sport of the term, so that we have time to teach and coach them to a good level of proficiency.

Sutton Valence School student happy at her sport's day having just won a race

Boys Sports - First to Fourth Forms

Michaelmas - Rugby
Lent - Hockey
Summer - Cricket or Tennis

Girls Sports - First to Fourth Forms

Michaelmas - Hockey
Lent - Netball
Summer - Rounders, Tennis or Cricket

Fifth and Sixth Forms

The pupils in these year groups are expected to continue with the sport of the term if they have previously played for a team (at any level).

If a pupil is not part of a team they are encouraged to participate in a sport or activity that they can develop and improve upon, in order to promote a lifelong approach to health-related fitness.

Depending on the season, as well as the main sport of the term for those in a team, the range of sports on major games afternoon throughout the year consists of:

BasketballSutton Valence School athletes partaking in athletics on a beautiful sunny day in the heart of Kent
Cross country
Cardiovascular fitness
Strength and conditioning training
Dance or Aerobics

The PE Curriculum

Pupils receive one PE lesson per week. During these lessons, our pupils will be taught the key skills in invasion games, ball skills, racket skills, health-related fitness, Athletics and Swimming.

All pupils in First to Fifth Forms will also participate in Badminton, Basketball, Handball and fitness testing.

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