Rose Hill Future Schools' Evening

We are delighted to welcome you to the Sutton Valence School virtual 'stand' at the Rose Hill Future Schools' event for this year. Naturally we would prefer to be meeting you in person, but of course, this is not possible at the current time. Instead, we hope you will enjoy browsing through this page at your leisure.


Over the last nine months we have delivered a number of very successful virtual Open Days to families and we would like to share some of the material prepared for these events with you today.

Firstly, we have two very informative videos for you to enjoy:

These will give you a very good understanding of the School's ethos and an opportunity to view all areas of our site with an excellent commentary by our Prefects.

We would then invite you to take a look at our School Literature and Information:

This includes copies of our prospectus, boarding brochure and a range of detailed information about our curriculum.

Finally. we have included answers to some Frequently Asked Questions and a guide to Next Steps:

We hope that this special page will provide you with a very good introduction to Sutton Valence School and what we could offer you and your family. Once the current restrictions are lifted, we would be delighted to welcome you to the School in person for an Open Morning or a personal tour.



School Literature and Information

Future Schools' Evenings often see you coming away with various informational booklets and forms so, for this year's virtual event, we have also created a virtual library for all of the information that we would normally provide. The SVS Document Library allows you to view and download all of the relevant forms for the admissions process. For ease, here are some of the most frequently requested:

Paper versions of the forms and booklets are still available, upon request. To do so, please contact Kathy Webster, Admissions Officer.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enrol my child?

To start the enrolment process, please complete a Registration Form and return it to Kathy Webster, Admissions Officer, by email or by post to Sutton Valence School, North Street, Sutton Valence, Kent ME17 3HL.

How much is the registration fee?

The registration fee is £100, payable by credit or debit card via the payments section of the website.

Does my child have to sit an entrance exam?

All pupils joining our First to Fourth Form inclusive (Year 7 to Year 10) will usually need to sit an entrance examination. Please refer to the main Admissions pages for specific details.

All pupils registered to join our First Form (Year 7) and those wishing to be considered for a Third Form (Year 9) Deferred-Entry place will automatically be registered for the ISEB Common Pre-Test. Places offered are primarily subject to academic ability, but special consideration will be given to children with siblings already in the School or joining concurrently as well as date of registration.

How does your 13+ deferred entry scheme work?

Pupils wishing to join Sutton Valence School at 13+ (Third Form) should sit the ISEB Common Pre-Test at their prep school during the Michaelmas Term of Year 6. 

Pupils wishing to take this route to entry must register with Sutton Valence School indicating that they wish to sit the Common Pre-Test. The School will liaise with ISEB to register the candidates and obtain logins and passwords to enable them to complete the tests at their current prep school. All applicants must visit the School and meet the Headmaster before offers will be made for day, part, weekly or full boarding places as indicated on the Registration Form. If necessary, date of registration may be used as part of the decision process. For more information, please see here. (This information currently relates to Third Form entry in 2023 but the process format will be very similar for future years).

Where can I find details of your fees?

All of our fees, including additional costs are listed here.

How do I apply for a scholarship?

Scholarships and Exhibitions are available to candidates entering at 11+, 13+ and 16+. All applicants will need to be available to come to the School on specific dates for assessment during the academic year prior to entry. Internal candidates cannot apply, but can be recommended by the respective Head of Department.

All candidates must be registered with the School before requesting a Scholarship Application Form from the School Office. The completed and signed Scholarship Application Form must then be returned to the Admissions Office. For more information, including scholarship application deadlines, please refer to our Scholarships and Bursaries section.

Do you offer sibling discount?

A discount at the rate of 20 per cent of the tuition fees will be given for the third or youngest child from the same family when there are three or more children in the School, at the Senior or Preparatory site, at the same time.

Do you offer Learning Support?

Yes we do, provided we receive a copy of a report from an Educational Psychologist, or a similarly qualified assessor. We offer individual learning support lessons in Literacy, Numeracy and Study Skills, all at an additional charge. In some circumstances, general in-class support is offered, but not individual support in-class. The majority of those receiving support have mild learning difficulties (Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and Dyscalculia). They have to come out of a timetabled lesson to attend their support lessons, but this will not be from a core subject.

If your child receives any form of learning support, then please include this information on the Registration Form where requested. Informing us of any special needs will help your child as we will then be able to liaise with their existing school on current learning support provision and provide any necessary examination concessions where relevant. Failure to inform us of special needs provision, past or present could inhibit our ability to support your child's education.

Do you welcome overseas pupils?

Yes, we have a fully integrated international community, making up approximately nine per cent of the school roll.

Overseas applicants should register using the International Pupil Registration Form. Pupils can take our entrance examination in their own country, either at their existing school, the premises of one of our overseas agents or at the office of the nearest British Council.

Do you provide extra English tuition for overseas pupils?

Yes. EAL lessons are available for all overseas pupils. There is a termly charge of £600 for these lessons. For younger pupils  EAL lessons are timetabled instead of a modern language.   Sometimes we insist that as a condition of entry pupils are to have extra, chargeable, ESL lessons, or attend a Language School prior to entry to Sutton Valence.

In addition to high quality EAL, which is taught by experts, we also offer conversational English, multi-media language support and a programme of cultural visits at weekends to enable our overseas pupils to gain a full understanding of British life.  We have recently established a tutorial support scheme especially aimed at pupils from other countries.  This complements the school’s already strong pastoral framework.

Non-native speakers in the Sixth Form will be prepared and entered for the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam and the IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) ESL (English as a Second Language) exam.


Next Steps

We know that a Future Schools' event can only give you a taste of life at Sutton Valence School, but hopefully this page will provide as much information as possible and answer any questions you may have about the School. If you would like additional information though, please contact Kathy Webster, Admissions Officer.

Looking further ahead, once the School has reopened, we would then be delighted to welcome you for a full tour.


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