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Throughout their time at Sutton Valence Preparatory School the children will be regularly assessed and their progress will be carefully monitored. Assessments are specifically chosen to measure ability and monitor progress in order that the teachers can adapt the curriculum to the needs of all the children.  In this way, we can track and plan the future academic outcomes for each individual child.

A variety of testing is used, including NFER tests, throughout the children’s time at SVPS. These are used to give us baseline information on each child and then information on progress as they move through the School. Throughout the Pre-Prep pupil progress is regularly monitored using teacher-based and standardised assessments.

As children continue through the School they will have an annual NFER assessment, which gathers information on broad academic attainment and progress and which enable us to track how well they are doing and advise parents accordingly.  In the Prep department, the children sit internal assessments in English, Maths and Science at the end of each term and the results are given in each child’s end of term report, along with individually set targets.

Pre-Prep Assessment

A profile on entry for children starting in Early Years is kept, from which progress can be measured. It assesses personal, social and emotional development, language and mathematics development, and motor development using a combination of objective tasks and teacher observation.

At Reception level the assessments consist of early reading, early mathematics, phonological awareness and short term memory. The children will take the assessment with their class teacher working at the computer on an individual basis.

Exams (Years 3 – 6)

At the end of each term the children in Years 3-6 sit exams in English, Maths and Science, so they become used to a more formal style of assessment.  In Year 5, the Summer Term exams take place in the Bates Hall so the children become familiar with the setting, in preparation for the Kent Test (11+) and other Entrance Exams


Grade cards are sent home twice a term and are used to give parents information on their child’s effort, attainment and behaviour in all their subjects.

More fulsome reports are written at the end of every term for all children.  In the first two terms of the year, reports for English, Maths, Science and Games are produced and full reports, covering all subjects are written at the end of the Summer term.  


Year 3: pupils have regular spelling, times tables and reading tasks;
Year 4: the norm is for pupils to do 20 minutes prep per night. Reading should be done nightly and spellings are set weekly;
Year 5: pupils usually do a 30 minute prep per evening as well as daily reading;
Year 6: pupils usually do 45 to 60 minutes prep per evening, as well as daily reading.

There is no prep set on a Wednesday for Years 5 and 6 and no prep is set on a Thursday for Years 3 and 4 as these are match days.  Each child will have a prep diary in which they record the prep set for that night.

Where next after SVPS?

Secondary schools, 11+, Common Entrance and Scholarships

At SVPS we do all that we can to help and advise you on the choice of secondary school for our children.  The Director of Studies explains the processes involved by holding information evenings during Year 5 and early in Year 6.

We ensure that all the children in Year 6 feel prepared for whichever exams they might face. They are given support and encouragement, practice sessions in formal exam conditions and a curriculum designed to provide optimum preparation.

Children taking the 11+ will have to take exams incorporating Maths, Literacy, Verbal Reasoning and Non Verbal Reasoning. They also sit a paper in creative writing administered under exam conditions.

Children sitting exams for our Senior School will take English, Maths, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning papers.  Again, they will have been provided with ample opportunities to familiarise themselves with the style of exam administered.

Children taking entrance exams for schools requiring Common Entrance at 11, such as Sevenoaks School and Benenden, will be given extra sessions specifically designed to familiarise them with the Common Entrance examination as its style is very different from the 11+, not least as it will often include a Science Exam alongside Maths and English.

Pupils entering scholarship exams are also given extra support to help with their preparations. This might also include specific rehearsal sessions with the Heads of Drama or Music and practice interview sessions with the Director of Studies, Deputy Head or the Head.

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