Old Suttonians' Association Committee

The Old Suttonians' Association Committee serves as the executive group for Old Suttonian events and sport. It sits below the SVS Foundation Council and takes guidance from the Council regarding future OS plans and engagement. The Committee is comprised of nine members, selected by the Old Suttonian Nominations Panel, intended to represent the various different generations within the Old Suttonian community.



The Committee works with the recommendations and guidance of the SVS Foundation Council and the School to create, promote and manage various Old Suttonian events and sporting activities through the course of the year. The Committee, through its Chairman, can make recommendations to the Council regarding funding and the scope for future events and it reports to the Council on past events and sporting activities.



The Committee is to be formed of nine individuals. This is made up of seven selected Old Suttonian members as well as two permanent members. The two permanent members are the School's Alumni Relations and Development Manager (ex-officio) and the SVS Foundation Archivist and Keeper of Records (appointed). The seven selected members, determined by the Old Suttonian Nominations Panel, serve for two year terms. They include the Old Suttonians' Association Chairman (who also sits on the SVS Foundation Council), the Old Suttonians' Association Secretary, the Old Suttonians' Association Dinner Secretary, the Old Suttonians' Association Sports Secretary and a further three Old Suttonians. The current representatives on the Old Suttonians' Association Committee are listed below.

The Committee may appoint one or more sub-committees for such purposes as it may deem appropriate. As part of that process the Committee may co-opt any one or more members of the Association to report on the Activities of the sub-committees.



The Committee meets once per academic term with meetings taking place at the School, unless stipulated otherwise. Extraordinary meetings of the Committee, beyond these standard three meetings per year, can be called by the Old Suttonians' Association Chairman or the SVS Foundation Council, if deemed necessary. The agenda for Committee meetings will be set by the Chairman and SVS Alumni Relations and Development Manager. It will reflect the instruction of the SVS Foundation Council, which may request certain activities or events are discussed.




Ex-Officio Member

Will Radford - Alumni Relations and Development Manager - Contact Email

Appointed Member

David Pickard (Staff 1977-2001, 2009-2015) - SVS Foundation Archivist and Keeper of Records - Contact Email


Nominated Old Suttonian Representatives

Charlotte Bills (1992 V) - Contact Email
Anthony Bromley (2014 W) - Contact Email
Rupert Humphrey (1978 L) - Old Suttonians' Association Dinner Secretary - Contact Email
Robert Sinclair (1967 M) - Old Suttonians' Association Chairman- Contact Email
Annie Wilkinson (Staff 1984-2016) - Contact Email
Richard Young (1990 M) - Old Suttonians' Association Sports Secretary - Contact Email


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