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Old Suttonian Sponsored Prizes




The WBP Aspinall Prize

Awarded to an Upper Sixth form student for outstanding originality of thought and action, the WBP Aspinall Prize is named after Bryant Aspinall (Headmaster 1950-53). Despite only being in charge at the School for a short period, Aspinall demonstrated remarkable qualities and determination to improve our academic excellence in the post-war period.


The Richard Horn Prize

A much-loved member of the Common Room for over 30 years, Richard Horn (Staff 1953-1985) taught German and other Modern Foreign Languages as well as serving as the Housemaster of St Margaret's House. As well as his academic and pastoral roles, Richard was also a major force in the School’s Drama and Music scene, regularly taking roles in School productions. He was a gifted musician and singer, as well as being an accomplished actor. To reflect that, this award goes to an Upper Sixth student for outstanding performance in Drama and Music.


The Marjorie Popay Prize

Awarded for educational achievement, the prize was sponsored by Marjorie Popay (Staff 1973-1989). One of the first female teachers appointed to a full-time post here, Marjorie strengthened the Mathematics department considerably and was a major pioneer in the early development of Computing at the School.


The Ricketts Prize

Michael Ricketts (Headmaster 1967-1980) sponsored this prize on his retirement. Aiming to reward those in the School who wouldn't necessarily be in receipt of an academic endeavour prize, this award is designed to recognise an Upper Sixth student who has demonstrated an outstanding all-round contribution to School life.




The Edward Craven Prize

The Edward Craven Prize is awarded on Speech Day each year to an Upper Sixth boy who has made an outstanding contribution to School sport. The prize is given in memory of Edward Craven (1924 M, Staff 1928-1969) whose connection to the School spanned some 52 years. A former captain of the 1st XI Cricket team, Edward, or 'Tubby' as he was known, was a keen sportsman who continued to be heavily involved in sport at the School when he returned as a member of staff in 1928. He died in 1988. The School awards an equivalent prize to a girl.


The Grizelle Prize

The Grizelle Prize is awarded to an Upper Sixth boy for excellence in History. H F Grizelle (1904 L, Staff 1921-1932) was a pupil at the School at the turn of the Twentieth Century and then returned as a member of staff between 1921 and 1932. A decorated hero of World War I, he completed his degree at the University of Oxford after the war, becoming the first recipient of the Hubert Parry Organ Scholarship. He became the first ex-soldier to lead the School's CCF and his experience led to its rapid improvement.


The Amy Lovegrove Prize

The Amy Lovegrove Prize is awarded to an Upper Sixth girl for outstanding female achievement in sport. A pupil at the School during the mid 1990s, Amy Lovegrove (1997 V)'s determination to be involved in all of the rapidly growing girls’ sports at the School was an inspiration and the prize reflects that enthusiasm. On leaving School, Amy qualified as a Physical Education teacher in Roehampton and is currently living in Australia.


The Maberly Prize

The Maberly Prize is awarded to a Lower Sixth pupil for overall achievement. The award in named after Michael Maberly (1955 F) a former Head of School. After a career in finance, Michael returned to the School in the 1980s' to join the board of governors.


The Macdonald Prize

Originally sponsored by his father, this prize was re-instated in 2013 by Henry Macdonald (1958 W) to mark his gratitude to the School for educating him and his brother, Bruce Macdonald (1961 W). In its present form, it is an open essay prize (although it is compulsory to Academic Scholars) for all First, Second and Third Form students. Pupils have to choose from a small selection of topics issued each Spring, with the resultant winner receiving their prize at Speech Day.


The OSA Prize

The OSA Prize is awarded on Speech Day to one or more pupils in the Lower Sixth  for all-round contribution to School life.


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