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Tutors and Housemasters

We care deeply that all our students feel valued. In order to achieve this, our pastoral system is there to help and support, provide advice and ensure that every student is able to flourish during their educational journey.

The pastoral system at the School is based on a vertical House system, within which there are tutor groups, each made up of approximately 15 pupils aged between 13 and 18. These small family units provide a sense of belonging for the pupils within their House and indeed our wider School community. Including pupils of all ages in the group enables younger pupils to be mentored by those more senior and gives them role models to aspire to.

Overseeing this system are two key members of staff who are in regular contact with all the pupils in their care.  The Tutor sees every child in their group at least once every day.  They are the first port of call for parents and pupils alike as they have the most intimate knowledge about a pupil’s academic, personal or relational well-being.

The Housemaster or Housemistress is there to ensure the well-being of all pupils in their Houses, day or boarding. They, along with their team of Tutors, monitor academic performance and involvement in School life, including the fiercely fought House Competition. Pupils gain House Points for contribution and excellence across the spectrum of School life and in the various school-wide competitions held each term.

In the First and Second Forms and in the Sixth Form, additional support is provided by the Head of Juniors and Head of Sixth Form respectively.

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