Day Houses at Sutton Valence

All of our Day Houses offer a safe place for pupils who do not board to see friends and relax at break times, store valuables in lockers and meet to organise House Teams.

Each House is a tight-knit team with the Housemaster or Housemistress and Tutors committed to the pupils in their care. The House community thrives and develops through its involvement in inter-house competitions, plays, quizzes and celebrations. Our House assemblies are held regularly to organise competitions, reward participants and foster House spirit. The firm and enduring relationships which exist between staff and pupils, and between the pupils themselves, bear testimony to the efficacy of this system.

School life isn’t always easy and sometimes there are difficult issues to confront and then deal with. Consequently, there are also other people who are there to help the pupils. If a child needs medical support or someone to talk to who is not directly related to the academic and pastoral aspects of the School, the School Nurses are able to offer support.

The School Counsellor is able to offer confidential structured counselling sessions to those who request them, whilst the Chaplain is available to listen, talk and offer support to anyone with problems.

The School’s Designated Lead, Mrs Rose, is the member of staff responsible for safeguarding all pupils. This includes the suspicion of any kind of abuse, be that physical, emotional, sexual or neglect.

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