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Academic Introduction

Always maintaining the main focus on their academic achievement, Sixth Form life actively encourages team spirit and leadership skills, responsibility for themselves and others and a feeling of pride in their endeavours and those of their peers. 

Sutton Valence Sixth Form students complete their final journey in the heart of Kent, graduating and throwing their gowns into the air to celebrate

Both exciting and daunting, the Sixth Form represents a pivotal point in any student’s educational career. Sixth Form students enjoy increased independence and responsibility but are met with a raised bar of expectation from their very first day in the Lower Sixth. As senior members of the pupil body, the Sixth Form must lead by example in all their academic, enrichment and social pursuits. This
expectation reflects the belief that is at the heart of our Sixth Form provision: to equip our students with the competencies and experiences required to embrace the opportunities and challenges of life in the 21st Century. Our purposeful programmes of academic study and enrichment, award-winning careers provision, together with scheduled visits from inspirational speakers, aim to provoke a sense of intellectual curiosity that will inspire and challenge our students to achieve their academic potential.

Our Sixth Form students first encounter with responsibility comes during their selection of – and commitment to – their A Level courses. With greater competition for university places and an increasingly saturated graduate market, students must make sensible and informed A Level choices that align with
their future goals. Our expectation of mature A Level study, therefore, extends well beyond the classroom. During non-teaching periods, Sixth Form students are encouraged to take active responsibility for their learning in the Sixth Form Study Centre, the Library, the ICT facilities or in various departmental work areas.

Whether it be in the pursuit of an additional qualification in volunteering or CISI, or as a member of the CCF or the Sports Leaders programme, opportunities for self-direction abound in the Sixth Form. We expect the Sixth Form to take a leading role in all areas of School life and actively promote opportunities for mentoring their younger peers and assisting with the leadership of enrichment activities. In their Upper Sixth, students have the opportunity to apply for the coveted position of School Prefect – a role that embodies the core values of respect and responsibility that are cherished at Sutton Valence. We grant our Sixth Form students the freedom to mature as independent students, but they are never
without the guidance of a robust support network. Their Tutor, in conjunction with the Housemaster/mistress and myself, oversees each Sixth Form students’ academic, pastoral, enrichment and personal development.

We are proud of the diverse destinations of our leavers. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the annual schedule of visits, talks and internal lectures that explore the myriad of options available to them after School. Our calendared Higher Education and UCAS days give all Sixth Form students the additional opportunity to receive individual support via their Tutor, Housemaster/mistress, the Head of Careers and myself to guide them through their higher education, apprenticeship or employment applications. Our Oxbridge and Medicine applicants benefit from a supplementary programme of specialist support and meet regularly throughout their Lower and Upper Sixth years with the Head of Academic Scholars and myself.

In exchange for their contributions to the academic and enrichment programmes on offer, the Sixth Form enjoy certain social privileges. During break times, they have access to the TC’s Café in addition to the House Common Rooms. In the Upper Sixth, students have the opportunity to serve on various committees that shape the Sixth Form social calendar – the highlight being the annual black-tie charity ball, which takes place every spring.

The successful Sutton Valence Sixth Form student is purposeful, self-directed and ambitious in all avenues of their education. As the pathway to undergraduate study and future employment, our Sixth Form seeks to develop mature and independent individuals that are prepared for the next chapter in their lives.

Luke Ellmers
Head of Sixth Form

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