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Sports Scholarships

In order to recognise and assist able sportsmen and women to join our community, we offer sports scholarships to pupils who have exciting sporting prospects.

Sutton Valence School will invite all candidates who wish to be considered for a Sports Scholarship or Exhibition to the School for an assessment day. On this day, they will be expected to undergo a variety of tests in several sports with the aim being to examine both skill and fitness. Additionally, they will be expected to talk informally with a specialist member of the Sports Department.

Sports Exhibitions are awarded to candidates who have demonstrated the potential to reach county standard in one major sport. Sports Scholarships are competitive and are likely to be won by sportsmen and sportswomen with very strong performances in more than one sport. Recommendations from Headmasters, School Physical Education staff and/or club coaches will be asked for.

Sutton Valence School girl handles the netball with care before passing it to her teammates

Sports award students at Sutton Valence School must be at the forefront of displaying the SVS Sport core values throughout all aspects of School life:


All candidates will have a short meeting and interview with the Headmaster, who will decide upon the value of each scholarship, which may be offset against the day, full and part-boarding fees.

If you are interested in applying for a Sports Scholarship or Exhibition then please contact our Admissions Officer, Mrs Kathy Webster, who will be able to give you more details.

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