CCF - Combined Cadet Force

The CCF complements the academic, leadership and enrichment aims of the School in preparing our pupils for adult life and good citizenship.  It provides the opportunity for cadets to develop self-discipline, responsibility, self-reliance, resourcefulness, endurance, perseverance, a sense of service to the community and leadership.

The emphasis is on providing a challenging, safe and enjoyable experience within an active and disciplined environment.  This happens both in the UK and during trips to Belize, Brunei and Malaysia.

Sutton Valence School is fortunate to have all three sections; Royal Navy, Army and RAF.  All three sections have a common core of drill, navigation and skill at arms. The Royal Navy section specialises in life-saving, sailing and power boating, the Army section in infantry skills and tactics and the RAF in flight training, including gliding and flying. Membership of the Signals and Shooting teams is open to all, from any section.

Although part of the curriculum in Third Form, the vast majority of students choose to carry on with CCF through into Sixth Form.


We have an active group of staff who parade with the CCF. Major Glen Millbery is the Contingent Commander. He is Head of ICT and Director of Leadership. He has been in charge on CCF trips to Brunei and Belize.

Captain Steven Head, Head of Boarding and teacher of Chemistry is in charge of the Army Section and enjoys field craft. Lieutenant Melissa Halleron and Lieutenant David Sansom are very enthusiastic and work closely with the senior cadets, especially on their instructor cadre. Lieutenant Philip Horley, when he is not being Director of Music, is Master in charge of Shooting and is an excellent navigator.

Pilot Officer Eleanor Oliver (OS) runs the RAF section. She is ably assisted by Flight Lieutenant Christine Kitchen and Flying Officer Chris Westlake, who has a particular interest in skill at arms.

Lieutenant Hannah Wood (Old Suttonian and Chemistry teacher) runs the Navy section, assisted by Sub- Lieutenant Gwyn Davies (ex-Royal Navy) and Lieutenant Andrew Hammersley.

Our school staff instructor (SSI) is Major Prem Ale, formerly of the Queen’s Gurkha Engineers.  He is a keen sportsman and can often be found on the golf course, when not at School. He is also a force to be reckoned with on the badminton court and has a deserved reputation as an excellent curry chef.


SVS CCF was formed in 1915 as an Officer Training Corps, which continued until 1940, when it became the Junior Training Corps. In 1948, it became the Combined Cadet Force, with the RAF section founded in 1986 and the Royal Navy section added in 1998.

Today we have 240 cadets in the CCF with approximately 160 cadets in the Army Section and 40 in each of the Royal Navy and RAF Sections. From Third Form, all cadets are offered a wide range of military and adventurous activities and Fourth Form and Fifth Form undertake a leadership qualificaion. 

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