Geography at Sutton Valence continues to go from strength to strength and has been, in most years, the single largest option block at GCSE. 

Geography is the study of all of the physical and human processes that take place simultaneously above, across and under the earth’s surface - an extraordinarily complex subject that changes continuously. Only by generalising the patterns can we begin to unravel the mysteries.

Junior curriculum

The Junior curriculum begins with the planet’s geological history to appreciate the dimensions of time in its true scale and its space in the universe. This if followed by the development of map skills, a study of the British Isles, Glaciation, Africa and Rivers. In the First Form the pupils are exposed to a full range of geographical topics and skills. This is followed by the study of Demography, Climate and Weather, Urbanisation and Coasts in the Second Form – once more oscillating between human and physical topics and so allowing for the pupil to advance along both strands at the same rate.

Third Form

During the Discovery Term in the Third Form, the pupils analyse the Central England Temperature (CET) record going back to AD 1659 to determine whether global warming has taken place over the last few centuries. This develops the skill of analysing quantitative data, number crunching, and displaying the data into appropriate graphic forms. The pupils research one phenomenon of their choice related to climate change and test its significance. 


Board: AQA

From January of the Third Form, the pupils become GCSE Geography students. Topics initially covered are Food Provision, Glacial Landscapes in the UK and Cold Environments. Most students continue the GCSE in the Fourth and Fifth Forms. The AQA syllabus provides a broad curriculum, content-rich, one that delves into the physical geography of the British Isles, the changing global economy, the growth of megacities, global environmental issues (such as tropical rain forest destruction) and indicators of development. There is an urban field day that evaluates the success of two urban regeneration schemes in Canterbury and Maidstone, as well as a physical field day on the North Kent coastline investigating whether Swalecliffe has a spit from clast-size variations.

A Level

Board: Cambridge International A Level

Geographers develop skills in analysis, interpretation, evaluation and decision–making whilst becoming ever-more informed about the world.

The Geography department follows the Cambridge International A Level Geography Specification 9696. This is a linear course which means it is examined in its entirety at the end of the two -year course. This is a broad knowledge-based A Level providing a perfect platform for continuing to study Geography at university.
There are four components:
Paper 1 - Core Physical Geography (1 hour 30m)
Paper 2 - Core Human Geography (1 hour 30m)
Paper 3 - Advanced Physical Geography (1 hour 30m)
Paper 4 - Advanced Human Geography (1 hour 30m)


Department Staff

Jack Downs             Head of Geography

Anton Evans              EPQ Co-ordinator

Matthew Jones BA        Housemaster of Clothworkers’

Ellie Sagrott Msc

David Sansom BA          Assistant Headteacher

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