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Economics and Business Studies

Economics A Level at Sutton Valence is one of the most popular subjects chosen in the Sixth Form.

Sutton Valence School student interacts in an engaging business and economics class

Everybody encounters the world of business and economics in their daily routines. The state of the UK, European and global economies influences all of us in different ways. Our employment, incomes and standard of living are dependent on the strength of the economy. The effectiveness of business and government in providing all the goods and services we need has a direct bearing on our spending, employment and quality of life. How firms produce their output and market it influences how we spend our money. Understanding how government and business function is fundamental to being an effective citizen. As educators, our goal is to give our students the knowledge and understanding that enables them to construct their own well-informed opinions.

Economics and the world of business are inextricably linked. Businesses produce the goods and services which help to satisfy all of our wants. Business Studies is literally the study of business: how they are formed; what are their objectives; how they are financed and so on. Economics tends to focus on the role of government in managing the economy and improving the environment in which business operates.

A Level Criteria

The Business Studies and Economics department will be following the Edexcel GCE Business A Level Specification and the Edexcel GCE Economics B A Level specification. Each course is divided into four themes.

Students will undertake three two-hour examinations which will cover the two-year course content.

Business: Theme 1 Marketing and people; Theme 2 Managing business activities; Theme 3 Business decisions and strategy; Theme 4 Global business.

Economics: Theme 1 Markets, Consumers and firms; Theme 2 The wider economic environment; Theme 3 The global economy; Theme 4 Making markets work

To succeed in this subject, it is important that a student has:Sutton Valence School girl is enthralled in her Economic and Business A Level notes

  • A lively and enquiring mind;
  • An excellent work ethic and a desire to succeed;
  • An interest in business and economic affairs;
  • A desire to explore new ideas and communicate them effectively;
  • Competent literacy and numeracy skills;
  • An ability to write clearly and succinctly

GCSE Business Studies

The course aims to inspire students to be moved and challenged by following a broad and interesting course of study. Students will gain an insight into the various sectors of an economy and how businesses function with respect to these sectors.

Sutton Valence School girls discuss a business proposal and marketing techniques in magazines in their Business class

Assessment structure:

  • Examination: 25% (Introduction to small business) 45 minutes.
  • Examination: 50% (Building a business) 90 minutes.
  • Controlled Assessment: 25% (Investigating small business).

The GCSE qualification in business enables students to:

  • actively engage in the study of business and economics to develop as effective and independent students and as critical and reflective thinkers with enquiring minds;
  • use an enquiring, critical approach to distinguish facts and opinions, to build arguments and make informed judgements;
  • develop and apply their knowledge, understanding and skills to contemporary issues in a range of local, national and global contexts;
  • appreciate the range of perspectives of different stakeholders in relation to business and economic activities;
  • consider the extent to which business and economic activity can be ethical and sustainable;

Economics and Business Studies department staff

Mr Michael James holds a Masters of Education from Macquarie University and a Graduate Diploma in Economics from New England University. Mr James brings a wealth of experience and understanding of young people to the classroom and the department.  

Miss Sarah Pritchard holds a BA (Hons) Business Studies degree from the University of Greenwich and has been teaching successfully for many years.

Miss Lucy Burden has a BA (Hons), a PCGE in Business and a Marketing Diploma. She first taught Business and Economics in 1998 and has recently returned to teaching the subject with the advent of the A Level syllabus change. Prior to teaching she worked extensively within (fashion) retail at a managerial level.

Mr Michael James
Head of Department

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