Mixing and measuring, bubbling and boiling, fizzing, foaming and banging; these are just some of the words that describe the activities the children may be engaged in when they have a Science lesson!

A lively, vibrant department, with passionate teachers, all three disciplines of Physics, Chemistry and Biology are covered under the umbrella of Science. We aim to make the children’s experiences of Science exciting, fun and challenging, encouraging them to be inquisitive, to ask questions and to use their imagination, in order for them to progress and to be independent learners.

From the Early Years through to Year 6, the children build on their skills, knowledge and understanding of the world around them through lots of practical activity. Although Science is taught as a separate subject, we have cross-curricular links with the IT, English Maths, Humanities, DT and Games departments.

We do not have external examinations in Science, although every child from Year 2 – Year 6 is tested on each topic. Children in Years 3 to 6 will take an end of year exam, which covers the topics they have been taught over the year.

The scheme of work is drawn from a variety of sources, including taking account of The National Curriculum, Key Stage 1 and 2 and 3 and also the Independent Curriculum. The children are very much encouraged to try extension and challenge work, be it written or practical. They are able to use a variety of media, for example, iPads, laptops, and the Library for research and are encouraged to present their work in different ways, such as: PowerPoint presentations; posters; models; drawings; photographs and writing.

The curriculum is enhanced with many events for each year group, which add great value to their learning.  For example, watching a visiting company such as The Earth Science Workshop, the Astrodome, Quantum Theatre, or trips to the Science Museum, supporting the local community by planting trees in local woodland, or a field trip to Bewl Water, as well entering into competitions, both in-house and National.

We are very fortunate to have within our grounds, our own pond for dipping and studying wildlife, as well as a small animal area. This currently houses nine guinea-pigs, three chickens, three gerbils, several hundred stick insects, fish and some Giant African Land snails. The responsibility of caring for the animals and learning about their welfare belongs to the Year 6 children, as they take their turn in becoming a prefect or monitor. Younger children visit regularly and the Year 6 Science Monitors teach them about the animals. This is an extremely popular part of the Science department and the children love having the animals as part of their daily routine.

Recently we have introduced a Gardening club. The Parents’ Association has provided the funds for plenty of large planters and pots, and the children love planting and growing flowers and vegetables. Our first crop of vegetables is due this year, which will be taken to the kitchens to be cooked and added to the school menu for lunch.

The Science lessons are based upon an interactive approach in which pupils solve problems through scientific investigations. Practical experiments are carefully designed to illustrate concepts included in Common Entrance examinations. Pupils discover many scientific facts for themselves and this ensures that Science is a popular academic subject.

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