We are extremely mindful of the importance of a strong mathematical education in the modern era and its role in developing logical thought processes. Being able to make quick mental calculations is as much a necessity today as it has always been, notwithstanding advances in technology. The subject’s applications find use in many everyday scenarios: mathematics is an integral part of our lives, whether we are realise it or not.

From Early Years, Mathematics is taught through a variety of methods. Setting the children in ability groups begins in Year 3, so the children are able to work at the pace most suitable for them; teaching is further differentiated in every class. The teachers devise ways of making the subject engaging and fun for young students. By integrating practical problems, such as the little ones calculating the amount of change one would receive after a transaction, children are more likely to become interested in the mathematical material they are learning.

There are also many good, co-curricular opportunities to extend skills, such as taking part in inter-school mathematical competitions. 

Engaging the children in higher intellectual thinking is a primary goal for all within the Mathematics department. We stress logical and coherent reasoning, so that the child is able to cultivate their mathematical learning and to further their own understanding. Most work is now taught through computers and interactive whiteboards.

As we continue to use technology at a growing rate in the classroom, more students will become intrigued by the various machinery that drives the technological platforms. It is important for us, as teaching staff, to emphasise the role Mathematics had in shaping such new technologies. Mathematics is the cornerstone of research in modern times and it works together with other branches of Science to solve the problems.

Children are prepared for various examinations, including the Kent test and our Senior School entrance exam. From Year 3 we track the children's progress using NFER standardised results and our own assessments. This informs both the teachers and parents on the progress of the child during the time they are at the school and aids decisions about next steps, either in school or for future schools. 

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