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Design and Technology

At Sutton Valence Preparatory School pupils are made aware of the implications of Design and Technology in both its functional and artistic respects in society. Design and Technology is a subject which embraces thinking and communication, culminating in the realisation of problem-solving ideas through use of a variety of materials and disciplines.


Small hands, big ideas!

At Sutton Valence Preparatory School, all pupils have the opportunity to work with a wide range of tools, machinery and resources in their Design and Technology lessons. Through a variety of projects, from Reception to Year 6, they are able to gain and use the knowledge of different processes and techniques. They are encouraged to think and intervene creatively in problem-solving activities, both as individuals and as members of a team, and in an increasingly independent fashion.

Each year our pupils build on and acquire a wide array of skills, from sewing and woodwork to electrics and cookery. The Design and Technology lesson is a busy and vibrant arena pupils build buggies, bridges, lighthouses and solve varying packaging problems whilst and exploring the very limits of their imagination.


What is Design and Technology?

  • Design and Technology is a problem solving, practical and creative subject;
  • It involves knowledge of a wide range of competencies including planning, designing, research and evaluation and with a variety of materials, for example textiles, structures, mechanics, graphics, construction, IT;
  • It often involves the teaching of specific practical tasks, for example. drawing, planning, measuring, sawing, graphics, electrics;
  • These practical tasks are then brought together through making assignments, like making a moving vehicle or an alarmed box;
  • Design and Technology also encourages pupils to consider the environmental and aesthetic impact of a finished product;
  • There is no right or wrong;
  • Design and Technology is great fun!


Why Design and Technology?

  • It fosters and channels natural curiosity and creativity;
  • It challenges pupils and encourages them to find appropriate solutions and decisions;
  • It allows pupils to operate in the ‘real world’ context, making relevant and important decisions – a useful life skill;
  • It brings to life and gives meaning to other curriculum areas, such as Maths, English, Science, Art and IT.

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