Art and Design

Almost every wall, corridor or nook and cranny at Sutton Valence Preparatory School are used to exhibit and show the creative extent of the pupils’ works of Art and Design, providing inspiration to other children and visitors.

We believe that Art is of fundamental importance, not only in developing self-expression, but also in increasing confidence and awareness of the world around us.

The classes have a busy but relaxed atmosphere and whilst children do produce marvellous work of a very high standard, there's no need to be a Michelangelo to enjoy the subject at Sutton Valence Preparatory School!

The quality and quantity of the artwork is impressive, as is the reputation of our department, which is frequently recognised through the high number of senior school scholarship and exhibition awards.

Society needs and values more than just academic abilities and children and young people have much to offer. The arts exemplify some of these other capabilities, those of intuition, creativity, sensibility and combines them with important practical skills. We maintain that an education including these higher order skills is crucial for all children in helping them to grow as intelligent, feeling and capable individuals.

Art for all

One of our main aims at Sutton Valence Preparatory School is to offer our pupils a rich, broad-based developmental pattern of education taking fully into account the individual pupil’s ability. We have a deep respect for the child’s own thinking and contribution. A sound education in Art and Design contributes to a pupil’s spiritual, moral, aesthetic, creative, perceptual, physical and cultural development. 

Why Art?

To develop individual and tactile sensitivity and powers of observation, together with awareness of, colour, form and space in the natural and man-made world;

  • To develop an understanding of various media and processes in order to record, communicate and express ideas and feelings in different ways;
  • To develop imagination, feeling and sensibility;
  • To enhance the awareness of pupils such that their understanding and enjoyment of Art will be developed within the social, historical and cultural background of our society;
  • To understand that there are no right and wrong answers in Art;
  • To find Art satisfying, rewarding and fun.

What do we teach?

At Sutton Valence Preparatory School pupils are introduced to the art elements and an amazing range of different skills and crafts, from drawing and painting to ceramics and sculpture.  The Art curriculum is designed so that progression can take place whilst past knowledge is enhanced, and includes co-curricular activities. All pupils will be confident in their own abilities with some, if not all, of the skills offered them when they progress onto their next schools. 

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