Perhaps because of its position in our wonderful Kent countryside, perhaps because of our long history, but certainly because of its people and the connections which run so deep, Sutton Valence School is one where the sense of community is highly embedded and almost palpable.

Many schools talk of community, but rarely is it so evident as here, where all is child-centred and mutual support is important. For us, pastoral care and the success of our children in every School arena are manifestations of community operating at its most admirable. Loyalties are strong here and all the constituent elements of the School - pupils, parents and those who work here – are passionate about it. Lifelong friendships are formed here and the School really matters to all who are associated with it.

As our children make their own individual journeys through the School, it is always within the framework of this most supportive community. Together, success is celebrated and when things go wrong, all attention is focused to put things back on track.

By way of example, information on Forms, Assemblies, Houses, Charity, Faith and the Parents’ Association can be discovered through our menu on the left to give some idea of how our community is structured and operates to ensure that our children not only progress through it as supported as possible, but also, importantly, so that they in turn are educated about the importance of community, their role in it and through that, their responsibilities in the wider community as citizens.

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