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Activities and Clubs

Every day, at 4.20pm, it is a joy to see Sutton Valence Prep pupils rushing off excitedly to their after-school clubs. They can be observed clutching musical instruments, sports equipment, art resources, roller skates, tap shoes, golf clubs and even croquet mallets as they head off to a myriad of activities laid on for them by our staff, as well as by a range of excellent external providers.

We believe that membership of our many clubs and activities links to the happiness, and success, of our children both now, and in the future.

So why do we place so much importance on co-curricular activities?

Firstly, participating in these activities instils in children a sense of belonging and unity.  Many of the clubs promote teamwork, sportsmanship and communication skills and this in turn leads to increased self-confidence and self-esteem.

Secondly, many of the clubs promote a healthy lifestyle. We offer a wide range of active clubs, for example; rugby, hockey, netball, rounders, cricket, tennis, athletics, running, judo, swimming and dance. If children adopt a healthy lifestyle at a young age, this will tend to follow them throughout their lives. Other activities that encourage children to make healthy decisions are gardening and cookery clubs.

Thirdly, being a part of a club encourages children to express themselves in a creative way. At SVPS children can express themselves through art, music, singing, dance and even cake-decorating clubs.

Finally, our wide and varied clubs programme encourages our children to enrich their lives, both now and in the future, by exploring interests outside the normal school curriculum.  Discovering early on a passion and talent for cookery or golf, for example, may very well lead to a life-long interest or even career, in a field that may very easily have been missed.

Children also have the option to attend Prep Club if they so wish. Prep Club is supervised by a member of the teaching staff who oversees and supports the children whilst they complete their homework in quiet conditions.

Example: Prep clubs

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