Assemblies are an important learning opportunity for our children and a very effective forum for providing whole school engagement and focus. They will usually involve an element of religious worship, such as a hymn and prayer, but are also a medium for celebrating all kinds of achievements and for participation from the children.

Each week will normally begin with the Head’s Assembly; it is a valuable opportunity for her to speak to the community on a particular theme or issue and she will often link it to one of the three focuses she sets for the whole School each term (either Maths, English or PSHE). It is a good opportunity for whole School messages to be delivered and for direction to be given.

The assembly schedule is often punctuated by performances from our young musicians, dancers and performers and sometimes we have visitors from the Senior School to lead an assembly. Again, this could be cultural, sporting or academic; the range is very wide and all serve to enrich our children’s educational experience. Visitors, too, come from outside the School, such as the Community Police Officer, or a charity, and help with greater understanding of various aspects of citizenship.

Ever other Thursday in the Pre-Prep, we have our Superstars Assembly where the emphasis is on rewarding two things: progress for particular children in that week and courtesy, something we feel is very important in our School.

Every Friday’s is our Celebration Assembly. Here we look back on the week and applaud success in all the various areas, present certificates, trophies, awards and badges of various kinds, won both in School and out – we acknowledge our children’s achievements wherever they have been accomplished. We look back on the sporting fixtures of the week and we announce House Point winners and Special Effort Award winners in the classroom. Celebration Assembly always culminates in the suspense-filled awarding of the all-important House Cup for the week.

In the case of both Superstars and Celebration Assemblies, parents are invited.

Every Form in the Prep takes responsibility for one Form Assembly on a regular basis and these are performed in St Michael’s Church, a short walk across from the School. These are valuable opportunities for pupils to perform and speak in front of the community on a range of subjects.


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