Why PE is great!

At SVPS, PE is taught by specialist teachers* to children from Nursery to Year 6. In Pre-Prep PE is a hugely important subject for all our pupils. PE develops the child’s motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It also develops the upper and lower body muscles and core strength through jumping, balancing, running and gymnastic exercises.

Physical health allows children to function even better in classrooms. Through improved fitness, pupils are able to develop longer attention span allowing longer concentration and absorption. It builds self-esteem; the PE program introduces these sport activities to children, allowing them to make choices as to which sport areas they want to get involved in outside of school.

It develops cooperation, teamwork and sportsmanship skills. PE allows pupils to interact together for a common goal and that is to improve and excel physically. It brings out the competitive sides of children, but importantly, also promotes sportsmanship.

Mr Tom Davey
Head of PE and Boys Games

*PE is taught throughout term time. During holiday periods other activities are available to full-time Nursery pupils.

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