It is amazing just how much the pupils love having jobs to do. The most coveted role being the 'special helper' for the day. 

When the bell goes first thing in the morning, they rush into class and head straight to the monitor board, looking down the list in anticipation for their name. Being a monitor is varied. One of the most coveted roles is ‘line leader’, which involves pupils leading the class when moving around the School, modelling very good behaviour and of course, impeccable dress code. Another holds the doors open, greeting all that pass through.

Being ‘fish monitor’ appeals to caring pupils who love helping clean its tank and checking that it has enough food for that day. This is a hard skill to learn as sometimes our fish receives quite a lot of food, resulting in a lot more cleaning of the tank! But these are all processes that the pupils learn together or pass on as advice to the next day’s monitor.

As pupils progress through Pre-Prep their monitor roles develop and extend into helping the younger pupils.

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