Drama in Pre-Prep

We are not necessarily fostering a love of the stage with children of such a young age but we are hoping that the experience will be beneficial and provide a different route for the learning process.

Drama provides life skills such as self-confidence, assurance, empathy, imagination, concentration and memory training. These skills are taught without pupils really being fully aware. All our Pre-Prep pupils have opportunities throughout the year to be part of these productions.

In Nursery and Reception classes, the pupils put on some emotive performances at Christmas with their versions of the Nativity. These are just wonderful events and something the whole School look forward to and love. However much you prepare and practise, you never really know how it will turn out on the night with 3 year olds!

Our Year 1 and 2 children also participate in the annual Nativities. Additionally they put on their own productions each year. Simple lines have to be learnt, stage directions followed, dancing routines perfected and songs have to be sung just at the right pitch and note. The parents and the children love these events and they are always lots of fun.

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