Pre-Prep Dance

All children in the Pre-Prep are given the opportunity to take dance. It is a fantastic way to channel their boundless energy and the benefits are huge.  Using a variety of fun exercises and activities, dance improves a child’s general physical fitness. It increases the children’s strength, agility, stamina and coordination while promoting an understanding of good posture.  This in turn improves their balance and control.  

The classes require the children to work both individually, with a partner, and as part of a group, which helps them develop vital social skills and enhances their enjoyment. As a child becomes more spatially aware, gaining an understanding of their own personal space and their space in relation to others, so their confidence grows.  

A key element of dance is creativity.  Children love being imaginative and dance provides an exciting and safe platform for them to really explore their imaginations. Dance is also an excellent way to introduce children to music and rhythm and plays a key role in developing their musicality.

Dance at SVPS is taken once a week (during term time), as part of the school day, in Nursery, Reception and Year 1 and in Year 2 the children have the option of taking various dance styles as an after-school activity. Currently, the School offers ballet, tap, jazz/street dance and ballroom. All the children have the opportunity to take part in year group plays and dance is often incorporated into these, which gives them a fantastic chance to perform to an audience.

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