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Years 1 and 2

In Year 1 and Year 2 the challenge is to develop new talents and instil a desire to learn more.  The teachers of Years 1 and 2, in conjunction with Prep School subject Heads of Department, create topics which have been carefully chosen to take their lead from the National Curriculum, but very quickly become tailored to take the pupils on a new journey of discovery with many questions to be asked and problems to be solved.

Inspiring imagination is so important as it is something often taken for granted, but it is a skill that needs to be encouraged in children from an early age. They need to feel safe and secure for imagination to really take hold and fully emerge, then with time it can run its course. We weave this opportunity into every subject from Literacy through to Science, as some children prefer to create imaginative games with the use of role-play toys, whereas others want to create computer games as part of a Maths lesson.

Our cross-curricular approach to topic work means that many subjects can be integrated to complement each other. Generally topics reflect and support current events, pupil interests and National Curriculum needs. Visits out and speakers in, not only enhance the learning process, but also give additional experiences to our children.

The children leave Year 2 competent to take on the next stage of learning that Key Stage 2 brings.


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