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In Reception, their days still have a significant input of play, but now it is more structured and has a distinct end goal.  For example, constructing a Lego car that moves and is co-operated into a game with peers.  This is very much a learning process for the child and many different options will have to be undertaken before the child is finally satisfied with their car.

Cutting and sticking, role play, home corner, painting and modelling, water and sand, indoors and outdoors. Our children have so many decisions to make each day.  In each activity imagination takes its own course; am I a fireman today, or shall I be a detective or a scientist discovering what floats or sinks in water? Of course, Forest School also plays a prominent part at this age.

As the child progresses, more topic-based teaching takes place with reading, writing and number skills, combined with Science and Humanities.

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